Home decoration Feng Shui 15 big taboo

1, getting started is the Seer kitchen and toilet, return home

all House, entry will see the living room. Modern architectural design, sometimes in order to take into account the spatial configuration, a door are often the first to see the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. This is taboo yangzhai, counterintuitive, living among them, Jia Yun will decline.

2, door to door, indulge in lust

3, irregular House do's kitchen

irregular House used to make kitchen, will affect family health, irregular House is available only for storage purposes.

4, beams or pays, emotional and health

beam most avoid pressure above the bed, desks and tables, if unavoidable, also designed the ceiling to be blocked, otherwise it will affect the emotional and health career will also be blocked.

5, irregular House unfit for the bedroom

irregular room used as the couple's master bedroom, otherwise it will lead to long marriages the consequence of infertility.

6, bed according to the mirror, it is difficult to sleep

in addition to bed not being on the large outside mirrors, if there is a big mirror on both sides of the bed, will make people do not sleep well, causing insomnia, dream, and so on.

7, the bedroom is not an attractive layout

bedroom colors to elegant warm, not too bright, not an attractive layout, excessive luxury, sparkling ornaments is especially inappropriate.

8, Evergreen bonsai Li Jia Yun

because of the improved quality of life, in order to increase indoor greenery, Evergreen bonsai is a very good Interior Accessories, but be sure to select a Evergreen, Hardy, not easy to fade, deciduous plants.

9, bathroom to bed, watch out for disease

in the master bedroom, in addition to not being outside the bathroom, ominous, easily give rise to risk of serious disease.

10, the bed big picture old

kindly thought of bed-mounted painted bedroom can be increased, but with thin, short, very sensitive to heavy giant boxes of pictures, once the hook off, head cut off, and not the death and the injuries, not accidentally.

11, tidy bathrooms to stay the fiscal

bathroom is sewage, in addition to azimuth compliance beyond the local, very sensitive to damp, dirty, smelly, if it can be kept clean and dry to retain wealth.

12, the House door, the door should be consistent

inside the door, the door should be consistent, 1 this is evident from the doorknob can conclude that. Most avoid a door left open, a right is open.

13, a foot of bed, avoiding pile of stuff under the bed

foot bed, beds should be kept under the open air, not debris piled up in a bed, the couple especially avoid.

14, bedside avoid opening Windows

bedside window is the taboo of Feng Shui, be sure to keep in mind.

15, columns and impingement negative marriage

both male and female individuals in the room, wanting to avoid column impingement, or is likely to affect mood and health, bad for love and marriage, be sure to remedy as soon as possible.

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