Teach you four strokes and clever dredge pipeline

baking soda and vinegar to clear method: put half a cup of cooked pour baking soda into the drain, pour half a cup of vinegar, baking soda can react with the acid in the vinegar will remove the sticky stuff in the pipeline.

round clear method: first round insert of a diameter close to the drain pipe and put a certain amount of water in the pool, uninterrupted rapid twitching up and down logs, in the presence of suction and pressure, the dirt will be washed away in the pipe.

dredge pump: a kitchen drain clogged, can pump hose into the drain, then add a small amount of water, continue to pump, pipes can dredge.

hydraulic dredging method is used: from a diameter of about 10 mm, 1 m long pipe (or hose), the sleeve on the tap at one end and plug the other end into the pool of jam with a cloth around the rubber tube, plugged the drain of the sink, turn on the tap and screw to maximum, water pressure is sufficient to plug away.

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