Winters finished the House to wait for
Today, more and more families to discard the "winter should not be ground-breaking" old concept and the choice of decoration in the winter, however, the Fuzhou meidi decorating home improvement professionals recommendation: Although decoration of long and hard work finally finished, but also pay attention to moisture ventilation, do not rush to stay.

in the renovated indoor moisture is due to ventilation than other winter construction season, indoor residual harmful gases, such as excessive levels of radon, formaldehyde and excessive levels of benzene and other phenomena, after renovation work was completed, can be placed in every room of water, increasing indoor humidity to prevent the wall surfaces, top surfaces, furniture and other cracks in drying too fast. Often Windows open for ventilation, for housing ventilation and disperse harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

winter home improvement for moisturizing ventilation, not fully achieve the purpose of removal of harmful gases. Because of the low outside temperatures in winter, ventilation window make when decorating with paint deterioration, poor adhesion, even powdering. No dry paint wall after decoration easy to freeze, and in the spring wall surface after discoloration. Ventilation is necessary, but latex paint 5 deg will degenerate, so open Windows best on warm afternoons, ventilation time is not too long at a time, in case the ledge near the wall were freezing and discoloration.

in addition, the volatilization of contaminants such as formaldehyde and temperature very closely, and when the room temperature is lower than 20 ℃, the Windows open for ventilation to remove the home began to weaken pollution effect; when the room temperature is lower than 10 ℃, almost all pollutants will accumulate in indoor home improvement, not to release even open the window all day, remove the pollutant effect will be minimal. Due to the low temperatures, winter decorating less harmful volatile organic compounds, even if the material is not green enough, irritating smell and not too obvious, many people tend to ignore decoration pollution this item. After checking indoor heater, air conditioning is open, "frozen" will gradually release of toxic gases, causing great harm to the human body.

Fuzhou meidi decorating home improvement professionals also suggested that because the winter is in the heating season, dry air, high temperature, bad ventilation, core Board, laminate flooring home improvement materials such as formaldehyde, benzene, large amount of harmful substances, such as volatile, easily lead to excessive concentrations of hazardous substances. So should have professional qualification of air testing room in the Air examination Department. If unqualified, immediately asked the professionals to identify sources of harmful substances to remove hidden dangers.

in short, winter home to take fully into account the temperature and the relationship between volatilization of hazardous substances through moisture, ventilation, planted several harmful gas removal effect of conventional means such as plants, and hire a professional removal of harmful gas, approaches to maximize removal home residual hazardous substance until after these harmful substances are removed, and then feel at ease staying too late.

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