Renovation and decoration of the different
With the improvement of people's living standards, fitting and decoration closer and closer to our daily lives, many people face a lot of problems after bought a House, what's the difference for renovation and decoration, many people still do not know. Fuzhou di decoration design engineering company limited made a small summary:
1, decoration: project cost, professional and strong
Decoration usually refers to the building structure is removed, change, changing, building construction and other projects. Decorating activity prior to the start, need to be approved by the Housing Department or property management Department, to ensure that science and rationality of the construction programme.
Renovated large quantities, consumption funds, specializing in technology, longer duration, so most families will invite a professional construction team to complete.
2, decorative personalized art projects
Decorative packaging processing refers to the surface of the building in order to improve the quality of living environment and projecting the personality of the family, usually by means of paint, wall paper, posted to complete.
Therefore, the indoor ornament, without real estate and property management Department of the host, can make decisions within their families.
In the decoration project, the most important element is the color matching, coordination, artistic interest and the convenience of daily use.

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