Difference between cork flooring and wood flooring

and environmental protection. Compared with solid wood flooring, cork flooring   more environmental friendly.

Second, moisture-proof. Compared with solid wood flooring, cork floor damp-proof performance will be better.

three, foot comfort. Will find under the microscope, Cork is made up of a large number of Cork cells are arranged in honeycomb cells filled with air, this particular structure and composition the cork flooring has soft, scalability, strong features, and flexible compression effect, even if heavy furniture to fall on small indentation or the weight after the removal of restitution. And this special honeycomb structure and the formation of noise-absorbing function and comfortable foot feeling warm.

four, good wear resistance. Cell structure of Cork makes it more wear than a solid wood floor. Cork is made up of countless air bags, formed countless small suction cups on the surface, when the foot makes contact with the ground, and cork flooring will slight absorption at the ground, reduced displacement relative to the floor, reducing friction, thus lengthens the floor the wear resistance and service life.

five, mute. Cork flooring is recognized as the silent floor  , it is because each cell is a small Cork pressure absorbers, elastic; each cell was a small shock absorbers, safety muting; cork floor   installation requires no keel, in direct contact with the ground, no dangling in the middle part of the keel, so mute effect is particularly striking;

six and flame resistance. Cork has a good flame retardant and self-extinguishing when nature goes out.

seven, pest control. Softwoods are not afraid of insects, as everyone knows, solid wood products are the most afraid of insects, especially in the humid climates of the South, even more so. But no interest in bugs taste of Cork, so even in the damp cellars, wine bottles are stored upside down, nor corks-bitten, liquid flow out of the phenomenon.

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