Simple talk about the décor (b)
Seven,   modern

contemporary style opposition ranging from Roman to Rococo old traditional style, strive to create a new industrial age spirit, innovative simplified decoration, design simplicity, easy, fresh, closer to people's lives. Its decorative features formed by the curves and asymmetrical lines, like pedicel, buds, vines, insect wings as well as beautiful nature, wave-like pattern, reflecting walls, railings, window frames, and furniture and other decoration. Lines soft and elegant, bold and full of rhythm, entire dimensional form and methodical, rhythmic curves into one. Extensive use of iron artifacts, new processes such as glass, ceramic tile, and iron products, ceramic products, such as integrated in the Interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, trying to give interior decoration art introduced new.

eight,   Baroque style

key features of Baroque style is emphasized, change and movement, emphasizing the architectural painting and sculpture as well as indoor environments, such as the integrated, highlighting the dramatic, romantic, passionate and irrational, hallucinations, delusions, features. Break-even, flat and changeable, stress levels and depth. Using colored marble, stone, bronze, gold, ornate, spectacular, broke through the program, principles of Renaissance classicism.

nine  , ancient Egypt style

ancient Egypt decorated style simple, powerful, dominated by stone, column type is the symbol of style, stigma as a blooming paper flower, pillar erect towering cable grooves, glyph, relief, such as in the Middle, below the plinth plate, old and dignified. Land covered by polished granite is the usual material, small rough granite blocks used on the main TV wall background, also known as the cultural and walls.

ten,   ancient Roman style

ancient Roman style featuring luxury, majestic, coupons-post modelling is the creation of the Romans, is a ticket between the two columns, forming a kind of voucher and the bold column combined with the very interesting decorative columns, Western interior of the most distinctive features. Popular and practical luomaduolake-, luomatasigan-, luomaaiaonike-, luomakelinsi-type and the development of mixed Roman columns. Roman-style columns have been all the rage since applications often in home decorating.

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