Simple talk about the décor (a)
A modern minimalist style
Minimalism comes from Western modernism of the early 20th century. European masters of modern architecture Mies Vander Rohe's dictum that "Less is more" is considered to be representative of the core idea of minimalism. Minimalist style features design elements, colors, lighting, materials reduced to the minimum level, but on the color, the texture of the material is very high. Therefore, the minimalist design is usually very reserved, often to achieve more, to Jian Sheng propagation effect.
Second, traditional-style
Traditional-style interior design, is in indoor layout, alignment, color, and furniture, furnishings and other aspects, traditional decoration "shape" and "God" character. For example, absorb its traditional timber frame construction the Interior of caisson ceiling, hanging down, birds are the structure and decoration, Ming and Qing furniture styling and design features. And as a traditional Western style in the Romanesque style, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, classicism, such as imitating Europe United Kingdom Victorian or France Louis XIV-style interiors and furniture styles. In addition, Japan traditional style, India traditional styles, traditional Islamic styles, North Africa Castle style. Traditional style often give people the sense of historical continuity and the regional context, which makes image characteristics of the indoor environment highlights the cultural origins.
Third, European-style
European style is divided into several, one of the prevailing Baroque style in the 17th century in Europe, emphasized the linear change of flow, and colorful. It is in the form based on the romantic, decoration materials, marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, exquisite France mounted, the whole luxury style, rich, full of strong dynamic effect. Another is the Rococo style, their love is decorated with light and slender curves, the effect is elegant, gracious, European noble women prefer this style.
European-style bedroom is not just luxurious atmosphere, more cozy and romantic. Perfect classic line, better detail, not bring their families comfort touch, harmony is actually the highest level of European style. Meanwhile, European decorative style is most suitable for large-area House, if the space is too small, not only failed to show its style imposing, instead of living in the people a sense of oppression. Of course, also has a certain aesthetic quality, optimum use of European style, otherwise, it would be self-defeating.
Four Chinese classical style
China traditional interior design combines formal and elegant dual temperament. Chinese style now make greater use of postmodern techniques, by redesigning the traditional structure of composite glyphs appear in another national characteristics. For example, Hall placed a set of mahogany furniture in Ming and Qing dynasties, hangs on the wall of a Chinese landscape painting, traditional amusing bookcases, Shu ' an, as well as the four treasures of the study. The living room has a connotation of Chinese style, comfortable, Chinese are often used in the context of the sofa, but the color still embodies the ancient Chinese, this makes the whole space, traditional appearing in modern, rubbing in the modern classic. Doing so in an Oriental one "blank" aesthetic control of the rhythm style, calligraphy and painting on the wall regardless of quantity or content is not, but that it has to create a mood. Can say no matter how now westerly blowing, soothing mood has always been characteristic of the Oriental feeling, is often the best means of poetic calligraphy. Lying in the comfort of the couch, Millennium's story flows along the fingers.
Chinese composition is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture (furniture of Ming and Qing), ornaments and decorative color black, red. Indoor use symmetrical layout, elegant, beautiful shape is simple, the colors strong and mature. Chinese traditional furnishings including scroll, plaque picture, hanging, potted plants, screens, porcelain, antique, shelf, etc, the pursuit of a life of self-cultivation. Overall layout of the characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration art is symmetrical balance, good sound, and natural taste in decorative detail, flowers and birds, fish and insects, uncompromising, dynamic, fully reflects the spirit of the Chinese traditional aesthetics.
Five, Eastern Mediterranean style
Usually, the "Eastern Mediterranean style" home, a few design elements: lime mud, continuous Arcade with arches, clay brick, sea-blue tiles and doors and Windows. Eastern Mediterranean-style soul, and current consensus is "blue romantic, sea and sky, the Sun is shining and pure nature."
Eastern Mediterranean style "Eastern Mediterranean style" architecture is, arches and half-arches, horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors. Rounded arches and winding corridors in the building usually adopted a number of connections or perpendicular to, and watch, there extends a sense of perspective. In addition, the walls in your home office (as long as is not a load bearing wall), may use half uneconomical or uneconomical way to shape the Interior view window. This is the Eastern Mediterranean where a taste of home.
"Eastern Mediterranean style" the greatest charm of Chinese urban home, probably derives from its beautiful color combinations. Eastern Mediterranean style has three color. Lan Zi, and blue and white, yellow, green, Brown and Red-Brown.

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