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Service process

the first step: telephone consultation, online customer service, online order contact the company with   second step: Designer free to the site

step three: design team free preliminary design issued by the company and the initial budget   fourth step: modify and confirm the design on both sides

fifth step: the two sides sign the trade and Industry Bureau issued the contract text, quote,  , customers pay the first payment   the sixth step: engineering construction personnel, project managers, supervisors and other personnel

seventh step: clients, designers, the foreman, project supervisor on-site construction    the eighth step: Department of materials engineering and site acceptance that all the staff induction project construction

Nineth: weak electricity, waterways and other concealed works construction   the tenth step: acceptance of concealed work

11th step: cut off, top, floor, wall, installation project coordinated by   12th step: construction of the medium-term organizational acceptance, customers pay the interim

the 13th step: acceptance of customers, company organization, customer payments balance

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