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family of high, medium, low, decorating, hotel, hotels, stores, Office decoration, small and medium sized construction, steel, color-coated steel, doors, fence, integrated cabinets, paint, sticky wall and floor tiles, ceiling, partition, electricity reconstruction, Interior and exterior waterproofing

Office space decoration: business office buildings, office buildings, banks, offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, factories, workshops, warehouses

home decoration: residential, apartments, villas, luxury goods houses, open house

dining room decoration: hotels, inns, guesthouses, restaurants, Western restaurants, coffee shops, tea house

entertainment space decoration: Entertainment clubs, bars, KTV, dance hall, bath, Internet clubs, gym

exhibition space decoration: multi-purpose hall, mobile phone stores, car sales showrooms, jewelry store, Sales Department, boutiques, wedding photo studio

commercial space decoration: shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, SPA skin care, beauty shops, clothing stores, store brand

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