project management is an important guarantee to provide customers with high quality, effective means of preventing quality problems. Includes six areas: materials management, construction site management, construction management, site inspection, planning the dispatch supervision and network management.

1, material management

materials are the most basic conditions for ensuring the quality of works, once a year to update material, filter. According to the planned partial storage, strict quality inspection before storage.

2, site management

⑴ before construction on the site for a unified product protection, image layout, is creating a good environment for construction, while protecting the product from damage.

⑵ unified security, on site, on-site dedicated power distribution box, special metal cabinets.

c, each site has a full-time supervision (inspection) is responsible for the quality of site, roving quality check will be provided not less than 4 times a week; there are also irregular sampling engineering and related personnel.

d, construction materials used for the company's unified distribution, supervision of materials after entering an additional quality check.

3, construction management

to ensure the interests of the party and the construction quality of products, work teams graded examination system. Engineering project quality and service issues and other acts contrary to the evaluation system and degrade seriously regarded as substandard workers laid off again, the whole team training, qualified standards can reassign posts.

4, plans to dispatch

jointly prepare a dispatch plan and the Ministry of planning in advance, to prevent artificial defects and coordinating construction management of the dispatch, effectively embodies the principles of fairness and justice.

5, inspection supervision

to ensure the protection of our clients ' interests, and ensure the quality of engineering high quality, outside the whole construction process in addition to project management, engineering and related personnel from time to time to check each site, thus effectively prevent defective engineering.

6, network supervision

to ensure that customers in the case of insufficient time, supervision over the network can immediately see your home decoration. But also to provide customers with a platform to interact with the company.