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the company has more than 10 stable high quality management team and technicians, including bricklayer, electrician, plumber, Carpenter, Oilers and other types.

bricklayer: bricklayer, is mainly engaged in interior decoration interior wall plastering, ceiling plaster, plastering tiling the ground works.

electrical: electrical home improvements, mainly engaged in wire line, wiring, electricians according to the design of the rooms, location of household appliances, loads, type wiring, rational design of switches, sockets, and so on.

plumber: plumber home decoration, mainly engaged in pipe, gas pipe line project. Gas pipe line without the approval of the relevant departments and the gas company technicians present guidance, it may not change.

woodworking: decoration, woodwork throughout the entire process from start to finish, wood is mainly engaged in production of furniture, fine wood (curtains, heating cover, retaining walls, wood partitions, doors and door and window sets, skirt, floral decorative lines), wooden style ceiling, wood flooring and so on.

Oilers: Oilers late in the home decoration in construction, mainly engaged in painting such as walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, best embodies the decorative effect throughout the home improvement.

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